Teasing of Spring

Today spring actually stuck a toe out from behind the curtain today. Teasing us like a burlesque dancer. I wasn’t looking for a full on show, but am looking for at least a naked leg. I have had a cohort of herbs waiting to be planted. A dozen from the Home Depot, expensive and fairly reliable plants. Another dozen from Trader Joe’s, sold in pots as culinary herbs, with no word if they are transplantable outside. The Trader Joe’s ones are half the price of the Home Depot.

I decided to try a little experiment and planted all of them just outside the front door. The darker thyme are the Bonnie plants from HD, the lighter the TJ’s. If the Trader Joe’s make it through the next week I will go ahead and buy a bunch more as long at TJ’s still has them available.

With the over abundance of deer being born and never leaving our neighborhood there is little hope to grow much in my garden. The deer can knock off a thousand dollars worth of plants in one cocktail party in the dusk of the evening. They have no regard that they are uninvited guests, party crashers who should at least bring a hostess gift. No, they are more like teenagers who heard in the halls at school between third and forth period that there was a party in my yard and decided it was open to them.

Rather than going through the heartache of planting and having things stolen in the driveway garden I am just doing herbs which deer don’t have much of a taste for. In the driveway garden I might just put down zinnia seeds since zinnias are not tasty to those teenaged thug deer.

Glad as I am that spring may actually be here I hope it does not bring mating season again to the deer. Of course they have been having two or three offspring a year thanks to all the good food around here. I think those deer have watched too much burlesque.

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