Dress For Success Night

On a Wednesday night, after a long day’s work I really appreciate that Russ will take three and a half hours and go to the Dress for Success fundraiser with me. The founder of the triangle chapter, Pat Nathan, invited us to be guests at her table. I think the world of Pat and wanted to come support her so it was nice that Russ came and supported me and them. It helped that the event was held at Bay 7 in Durham and we did not have to drive to Raleigh.

The big bonus for us was some of the young people Pat invited to sit at her table. A young couple who recently moved to Raliegh from DC were sitting next to me. They both do interesting political and policy work and it was exciting and reassuring to talk to young people who are working hard to make our world better. Next to them were two young women who, when they we not working at their day jobs at Duke are volunteers at Dress for Success helping women find new jobs and gain confidence along the way.

It makes my heart happy to meet young twenty and thirty somethings who are giving back. I don’t think I gave back much in my twenties. I was busy earning money for myself, it was the Reagan era after all. The one volunteering thing I did was teach grown women how to read, but that was part of my Junior League Placement. Don’t get me started on the DC league. I loved the volunteering, but not that the league was unsupportive of me when I was hit by a car and couldn’t come to “done in a day.”

Thankfully now people have ways to volunteer without the need of an umbrella organization. Even better is that young people are volunteering. The sooner you learn that doing something for someone else is the fastest way to feel happy about yourself, the better off you will be.

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