It’s a Two Soup Day

Yesterday a friend of mine asked me if I was making any soup anytime soon. She was the second person to ask for soup in the last few days. I had already planned on French onion Soup for Mah Jongg lunch tomorrow since we are still having winter here in NC. I decided to also make some black bean with ham soup this morning as I saw snow furies outside my window.

Soup is the perfect cold weather food. It warms the whole body as it goes down and considering the craziness of the weather it seems like it is a two soup day.

My morning was spend chopping onions and caramelizing half for the onion soup and cooking the other half for the black bean. Since it was over 15 pounds of onions I am certain that is what I will smell like for the rest of the week. But if I have to smell like anything the sweetness of slow cooked onions is fine with me.

I hope you are keeping warm out there. Heat yourself up some soup and snuggle down under a quilt. Summer must have to get here eventually. Then we can have two salad days.

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