Shay’s Party

We have a new security system that has an indoor and outdoor camera. Although I was not home all day I was alerted by the system when there was movement inside the house and at the front door.

Although I was not expecting a package I got two alerts from the door bell camera and one from the house camera while I was playing duplicate bridge. The rules at bridge are you can’t have your phone on, but my watch flashed the photos up on the screen and I was able to see the alert. I didn’t want my opponents to call the director if they saw me looking at my watch so I had to glance at it with my arm in my lap slightly under the table. With my reading glasses on I couldn’t see the tiny photos well and had to wait until my partner and had finished that round.

We still had two boards to play and I almost forgot about the photos on my watch while I played the bridge hands. As we moved to the next table I got another buzzing of my watch and remembered to look at the photos. The first picture was one of a small deer standing on my front porch looking in the glass of the front door. The second was the backside of the deer walking down the porch steps. The third was a video of Shay running to the front hall and looking out the front door.

Obviously Shay was inviting her friends over while I was away. And if you believe that Shay would be bothered to get off the bed while no one is home you don’t know what day it is.

2 Comments on “Shay’s Party”

  1. Gmail says:

    Oh my gosh!!! Those deer have no fear!!

    Kathi Eason 919-824-6100 Please excuse any typos.


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