Cooking For The God Father

I cook food for other people. I don’t usually do it on demand, just as I have time and the mood strikes me. I am not a restaurant or caterer, just a friend who shares my cooking with other friends. But that is not always the answer people want.

Th either night I went to pick up a friend to go to a meeting. She got in my car and her husband slipped out of the house behind her and as she was about to shut the door he stopped her and leaned into car

“I need you to make black bean soup,” he said in an almost God father like voice.

Before I could reply he said, “You haven’t been making the soup fast enough. I need the soup.”

“Sure,” I replied. “That’s easy. I can do that for you.”

“Vegetarian, no meat,” he went on in his best Marlin Brando impression.

He shut the door and I drove off, laughing with my friend. We got to our meeting and another friend came up to me, “Have you dropped me from the friend food list, I need some food?”

“No, certainly not. What do yo want?” I asked her.

“The Senegalese Chicken stew.” (She didn’t call it by name, but we figured out that is what she wanted based on her description of the chicken with coconut milk, peanut and veggies.)

“No problem.” I told her.

So today I made the God Father his soup. I will make Senegalese Chicken stew in the next day or so.

If you are a food friend and have a request please tell me what you are interested in. I am happy to take some suggestions.

One Comment on “Cooking For The God Father”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Any way I could be a sous chef for you? I so love to cook and have so few opportunities to do it other than running the kitchen at Threshold Clubbhouse on Wednesday’s.

    Carol walker🎶🦋🎶

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