Call Your Friends

While having a belated birthday lunch with my friends Shelayne and Lynn we got to talking about the lack of conversational skills among young people today. Social media has led to people actually being less social and not meeting new people face to face. It’s not just young people, but people of all ages.

Back in the olden days, when we had to pay for long distance, we still called our friends and family. Short of driving to visit someone, there was nothing better than a good old fashioned phone call. Now that most of us have cell phones, there is no such thing as long distance inside the US. You are paying a flat fee to call anyone, yet we call far fewer people than we used to.

There was a report last month that fifty percent of all phone calls made were robo calls. Yes, I hate robo calls, just like the next person, so I often don’t even answer my phone. But I do love to hear from a friend or relative I like. (No comment here, Mary Mundy)

My friend Lynn is one of my friends who still calls on the phone rather than texts or emails, or just plain does not communicate. It is one of things that keeps our relationship close when we share the mundane things we might have done that day.

After lunch I got right on my phone and called up Carter, just so I could hear her voice and catch up. The timing was good since her classes were canceled due to snow in Boston. Then I got to thinking about who else I had not heard from. I called my friend in Maine, who is not onFacebook and had not emailed in a while. Turns out he had been very sick, and didn’t want to bother me while my Dad was sick. Thankfully he is better now, but I feel guilty I did not call for so long.

I know I write a daily blog, so many of my friends who even slightly follow me know more than enough of what is going on with me, but that does not mean I know what is going on with them. I am going to make a concerted effort to call one different friend everyday for the next three months, as long as I am in the country and the calls are free. I want to bring back the old fashioned way to keep up. There is nothing better than hearing your voices.

2 Comments on “Call Your Friends”

  1. Stuart Wright says:

    My number is 613-965-0917 – Stuart

  2. Carol Walker says:

    This is the best blog you have had. I need voice to voice in the end and the beginning. I miss my daughters voice and she lives in Durham- text is her only way.

    Carol Walker

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