Bed In A Box Advice

Carter is going to be moving into an apartment next semester. We broke down and agreed to this so that hopefully we would not have to move her in Boston again. Of course we still have to move her out at the end of this semester and in again in September, but after that…

Now that she is getting an apartment she will need a new bed and a sofa. I am not going to drive a truck from North Carolina to Boston just for those things so this means she needs to procure them in Boston. Moving anything in Boston at the first of September is akin to having your finger nails pulled out slowly. Thus a I am not interested in going to a store there and hauling it to her apartment. Hell, I am not sure you could even park long enough, near enough to her building to throw something off a truck.

The answer appears to be ordering a bed in a box and having it delivered. Thankfully there appears to be over two hundred bed in a box manufacturers now all with at least 100 days sleep tests, so if you hate it…

For the life of me I can not imagine buying a bed I have not laid on. I can not picture ordering something and if it is terrible figuring out how to return it and get something else, so those sleep test periods don’t really sell me.

While we have a little time before Carter actually needs the bed I want to gather as info from anyone I know who has ordered a bed in a box. Ideally I would love to come lie down on your bed, but that sounds a little provocative, it’s not.

If you had a good, bad or so-so experience with ordering a bed online I want to know about it. Do you love your bed? Why? Our Consumer Reports Magazine just ran a story about beds, but it isn’t information enough for me. I am hoping Carter can get a bed she can use for more than three years. I know that means we will have to move it out of Boston, but I can think about that tomorrow.

Oh if anyone has had good luck buying an inexpensive sofa online, I would like to hear about that too, but is is not as important as a bed.

4 Comments on “Bed In A Box Advice”

  1. Ellen says:

    Serta, bed in a box…pick up at Sam’s if you like
    we have Several family members and friends who love them. Just got my MOm one last week

  2. Mary Pickard says:

    The sofa is probably more important, cause, if you don’t like the bed, you will likely be stuck sleeping on the sofa.

  3. Laurie says:

    We love our beds in a box! One is memory foam. So wonderful. Another is a green bed. You can try one out here in Durham: (although we ordered ours online after that).

  4. Mary Few says:

    My daughter has a nectar bed which comes delivered in a bag thing like a duffle bag. Cost a little over $700 for a Queen. According to her the best bed ever. Fiancé has a Casper which is a similar thing. He also says it’s great and he flys Apache helicopters for our country and would like to get home to it soon. I don’t quite understand bed in a box but it’s clearly a thing.

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