I’m Not Agile Enough

In the continuation of procrastination Russ and I skipped church and went up to the farm today. We gave my parents Fire Sticks for Christmas but since we never opened presents on our way to the hospital Christmas Day, Russ never had a chance to install them on my parent’s TVs.

Considering it is almost Valentines Day it seemed like it was about time to go do TV work with my parents. Now installing a fire stick, in of itself, is not something you need an electrical engineer to do. Training two fairly computer illiterate octogenarians how to access all the expanded channels requires someone with superior training. Russ, as my parents primary IT guy, is just who they needed.

While Russ worked with my mother on her TV, I talked to my Dad. While we were waiting for Russ to come work on my Dad’s TV, he and I saw that the Westminster Dog Agility Show was on TV. We watched some fabulous dogs and their very fast handlers run through very complicated routines of jumping over poles, running through tunnels, balancing on teeter totters and weaving through upright poles. All these things are tasks Shay has done, but not at the speed of these Westminster dogs. The one thing I knew from watching this display of athletic ability is I could never keep up with my dog the way these handlers keep up with theirs. So no agility competition for Shay.

Russ missed watching the dog trials as we turned them off so he could work with my Dad on his TV. We left my parents with more channels than they can look at in a lifetime and notes about how to access them. Whomever came up with calling things HDMI-1 and HDMI-2 never thought about teaching their parents how to use them. My father had gotten his remote control needs down to two until today and now he is up to four. Please lord help my parents to remember which remote does which function and in which order. I probably could get to be a dog agility handler before I could train my parents about TV technology.

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