Perfecting Procrastination

As the whole country is obsessed with Tidying Up Marie Kondo Style is have perfected my procrastination to tackle my big cleaning out jobs. For most of my public rooms, my house is cleaned out, thanks to the big floor refinishing of three years ago. Yes, I might have a drawer of scarves that could be Kondo’d, that is not the kind of Tidying Up I need to do.

The daunting task of the attic, crawl space and garage seems so big that I keep finding excuses not to start. My friend Lynn has spent an entire month with professional help and trucks of “Got Junk” and is still not done with her attic. Listening to her tales has made me even more committed to finding alternative tasks.

Today would have been a perfect day to start. Russ and I had a free day. So what did I do? I went to my sweat shop, where I had not worked since before Christmas and started a whole new project. I decided I needed a new set of quilted placemats so I made the tops for a set of six, as well as cut the backs out and made the binding. I would still be working on them if only I had the right color thread to quilt them.

Now I am at an impasse, while I wait for the thread to be delivered. Tomorrow is a promising day to start cleaning something out. I can start right after church. I could even go to early church so I could start sooner. But Russ mentioned his need to go to the farm to set up some TV things for my parents. Maybe I need to do that tomorrow. My parents having access to more channels is so much more important than a clean crawl space. Isn’t being a good daughter more important? How many other things can I find to do? I think at least 365 more things.

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