Playing With Flowers

I have a number of friends who are big time into flower arranging. Some have major flower studios at their homes and do flowers for others. It appears to be “the” hobby these days. My first friend to do this is Morgan, who started by getting trained in all things horticulture at NC State before traveling the world learning arranging from the best and then coming back to teach us a North Carolinians.

Morgan’s husband Mike built her the best studio space in their house in Hillsboro by buying the fixtures from antique hardware store in upstate New York. He installed a wall of beautiful wood drawers where Morgan keeps all the tools and supplies needed for her classes at the West Queen Studio, the name of her now business. One end of the studio is a garage door that opens to the outside making bringing flowers in and out easy.

Today Morgan was taking son number two to look at college two time zones away. The timing was not good since Valentine’s Day is next week and she was expecting her big flower order. Some of the flowers arrived yesterday so she could unpack the large cardboard boxes and process the flowers. Unfortunately two boxes did not arrive before she left for the airport so I volunteered to go meet the shipment and process the flowers.

Since it was a beautiful 70° day I worked in the studio with the garage door open enjoying the sunlight and the sounds of seagulls. Why the seagulls are this far inland I don’t know.

Processing flowers is the least fun part of working with flowers. You unpack each bundle, remove any excess foliage, cut the stems, dip them to sanitize them and then put them in water which they have been deprived of during shipping. Despite the rote like work, just being around the beautiful buds was very rejuvenating. I understand why this hobby is growing at such a fast pace. Of course it helped to have a purpose built space to work in. Processing makes a big mess so I had a lot of sweeping to do after I was done.

If you have any interest in learning about flower arranging Morgan holds classes all the time. I promise you will come away much more confident in how to create arrangements you love as well as taking home your handiwork. Of course if you just love having flowers around, but don’t want to arrange them yourself, Morgan does that too.

Visit for all the 911.

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