Climate Change Is Right Under Our Nose

I know our denier in Chief does not believe in climax change, perhaps because he is inside watching TV all day, or in Florida playing golf where the climate does not ever change. If only he would go outside in Minnesota last week where the polar vortex took over or in Durham today where it was 85° at 2:56 according on my very reliable car thermometer.

Yes, it was a glorious sunny hot day similar to one in June, but today is February 7 and this is wrong. We officially broke the heat record for this day here. The bad part about that is the trees are budding out and my daffodils are up and blooming. When the 25° day comes Sunday it will kill all these things.

You may not care about a few flowers, but this swing in temperatures is very bad for agriculture and I bet you eat something that is grown outside.

I don’t care what political party you are in, climate change effects all the world we live in. It doesn’t just happen in a blue state or a red state. It is time to rise up and demand our government to pay attention to science. This isn’t a creationism vs. Big Bang fight. It is not religious, or race related. It’s is science. It applies to all of us the same. The evidence is right under our nose.

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