You Have Got to Be Kidding

With all the news about the SOTU or Dis-State as I felt it was, I needed something light in my news reading today. When I saw a story in the Boston Globe about a cat I thought, “At last! Something non-controversial.” I was wrong

To summarize the story, a woman adopted a cat from a shelter. In her adoption contract she promised that the cat will be an inside cat. Then, one day she takes the cat outside-on a leash- and posts a photo on Facebook. The head of the shelter see the photo and sues the woman to get the cat back because she has breached the contract by taking the cat outside. The cat owner pays a lawyer $3,000 to fight the case.

OK, so much wrong with this. First, the cat was in a good home, evidenced by the cat leash. Who has a cat leash? If a shelter wants to encourage people to keep their cats inside so they don’t become rescues again, OK, but suing over taking the cat out on a leash seems like harassment. Why the hell was the shelter owner even looking at the cat owner’s Facebook.

If that shelter ever wants to get anyone to adopt their cats again they are going to need to change their ways. Also funders need to consider if suing adoptive parents is a good use of resources.

The cat owner should have pled the case for herself because I can’t imagine any court upholding this contract. People have to be allowed to take their cats outside if they are ever going to get them to the vet for checkups. Right there the request is unreasonable.

The good news is the cat owner won the right to keep her cat, but how ridiculous that so many people had to waste time and energy even discussing this. This type of litigation should have a cost to the person who brought the suit. We have real problems in America and taking a cat outside of a leash is not even in the top 1,000,000 of them.

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