What Is It About Socks?

Our dog Shay loves socks. When Russ returns from a trip Shay stands guard at his suit case waiting for him to pull out his laundry bag. She sorts through the various items in the bag and gently takes the socks out and tries to bury them. She usually does this one sock at a time, but if she feels that there is the likelihood that they might disappear, read, be put in the hamper she will stuff one sock in her mouth and then retrieve another.

Now Shay is not picky. She likes clean socks just as much as dirty ones. When I bring the laundry basket upstairs full of clean clothes she tries to sneak a sock or two out of the basket while I am folding the clothes. She is not too tricky about taking the sock off to hide it. She often cries as she is carrying a sock away. I often wonder who she is crying for, herself, the sock or me since I have to find it.

She particularly likes to have a sock on our bed at all times. Today I washed one of my quilts and replaced it with another. When I did it, I took the two clean Carter socks Shay likes off the bed and put them on a chair. I came back in the room and Shay was lying on the bed with one of the socks I had removed under her chin. There was no hiding it, just putting back on the bed where she thinks it belongs.

Shay can tell the difference between socks, dish rags and underpants, and when sorting through the laundry never takes anything but a sock. So how does she know? And more importantly what is the draw of the sock?

She never chews on socks. She does not try and rip out a seam looking for a squeaker, which of course are not in any of our socks, but are in every other toy she plays with. I just wonder if your dogs have this same affinity for socks or is Shay special this way?

One Comment on “What Is It About Socks?”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    It is her precious idiocencrity. This will be what you especially remember about her when she leaves you. We had a dog who chased the flashlight and one who just could not eat enough toilet paper just like her mom. They are all so different and special. Cherish her STEALING the socks!!


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