Shay’s Valentine

Shay loves the days when friends come by to pick up their dinners. She stands at the glass door looking down the walk way and as a friend walks down she opens the door and lets them in.

As I was up in the big room working on a puzzle I heard the door open and then close. I called out to the person I thought was coming in, but there was no response. I walked down stairs and saw Shay standing outside the glass door with a new friend.

My friend Laurie had brought her new puppy, Boston, a thirteen week old lab to meet Shay. It was the perfect Valentines Day surprise for Shay. Boston was very well behaved and Shay seemed more interested in him, than she is in most dogs. I, Of course was in love with the soft puppy right away. Too bad Laurie no longer lives across the street from me for Shay and Boston could have quite a good neighborhood friendship.

I hope that everyone gets a visit from a puppy for Valentines day. I just wish Shay could go visit Carter to give her some Shay kisses. As Charlie Brown says, “Love is a warm puppy.”

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