Party Going Habits

Russ is an introvert and I am not. When we first got married he would stay at a party with me until the bitter end, but then he would be out the second his head hit the pillow and I would be up all night, energized from “the people.” In the middle years, he usually escaped a party and just went home to bed and I would come home later. Now, after 26 years together I don’t want to stay at the party and Russ and I both escape together early, especially on Friday nights after a long work week for Russ.

Tonight was the perfect example. We went to a party that started at 7:00. We stood up at the cocktail hour talking to people. Sat down at dinner and enjoyed our table mates. Ate our dinner, but as soon as desert came we departed.

I am too old and it is too loud at most parties for me to stick around, no matter how much I love the people. If it were a small dinner party at someone’s home and we were at their dining room table I could stay all night, but big parties no longer interest me. I have not crossed over the introvert line, I have just gotten tired.

This news thrills Russ. Of course for the people who go to all the work to put the party on, I am sorry we are so lame. Perhaps if we just go to a nice Brunch, or lunch or even afternoon tea. But nowadays, 9:30 comes and I hear the siren call of my soft clothes and bed. I think that Russ and I could have another 25 years together and he will be happy about my change in party going habits.

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