Friends From College

Russ was flying the red eye home last night so I started watching a series that turned into a binge. It’s called “Friends from college,” about six friends from college who all end up living in NYC when they were in their forties. It stars Keegan Micheal Key, Fred Savage, and Cobie Smulders among others.

I am so glad I did not look at rotten tomatoes before I started watching. I loved the show, even if sometimes I did not like what the characters were doing. Needless to say I binged all of season one last night and got up this morning and watched all of season two before Russ got home and while he was taking his nap. Then I looked at rotten tomatoes to see if a third season was planned. No word on that new season, but I saw critics gave the first season a 23%, while audiences gave it an 80%. Sometimes I wonder how critics and audiences can vary so greatly.

One of the things that resonated with me is that I have a wonderful group of friends from college made up of three guys and three girls. This picture is missing my friend Janet, but the others are Suzanne, Hugh, Dave and Doug. I am happy to say we are all still friends, and have no where near the drama the TV friends have.

I was thinking about a TV show that could come from our friendship and rather than it being about us it could be about our children. All together the six of us have 14 children, seven boys and seven girls all between the ages of 24-18. Our TV show could have all our children marrying each other making all my friends from college related as in-laws. Then we would all share grandchildren and retire to live in the same place.

I would not want the same drama the TV show “Friends from college” has, but a good name could be “Friends from college, in-laws in life.”

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