No Super Bowl Eating

Last year I was swept up with the Super Bowl Eating fest. All the cooking shows and TV commercials made me crave nachos and all things melting cheese. It was a huge mistake to think I could eat nachos of any form. Those nachos last February led to valentines chocolates and Easter coconut cake and just never ended.

This year I tried to come to Jesus about what I can and cannot eat, which is basically just fruits, veg and lean protein. To not be sucked into wings or seven layer dip I had to stop watching TV for the last few weeks. Even the nightly news does segments on things to eat while watching the Super Bowl. In reality they should change the name to the “eating bowl” as it appears that the whole reason for the big game is not to decide which team is best, we all know the Patriots have that title locked up, but it is about what bad for us food we can all eat tonight.

Thank goodness Russ does not fall prey to eating events and is happy to have turkey meatloaf and balsamic glazed Brussels Sprouts for our Super Bowl celebration. No Velvetta covered items in our house. OK, there never have been anything Velvetta here, but also nothing dip-able. I hope you enjoy the bowl, whichever type you partaking, be the food of the football one. Just don’t let one foot ball event derail your whole year.

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