Can There Be Enough Lotion?

When I was a child my father worked for Avon. That meant that we had a free and unending supply or shampoo, conditioner, lotion and any number of ungodly smelling colognes. I used to wonder how regular people ever could carry home enough lotion for one family during a Connecticut winter, let alone afford it. When lotion is free you are very liberal with its application.

Between skin-so-soft laden baths, that left a hard to remove oil slick on our old porcelain tub and gallons of pink bottled body lotion no one in my house had a dry winter skin excuse. I guess that young training got me hooked on lotion.

There is nothing I hate more than dry, itching winter skin. As someone who cook and does needle work constantly any natural moisture my hands might have gets whisked away. So lotion is my best defense.

I noticed that my bathroom lotion collection has taken over my window sill as I can’t possibly put any of it way when I am using it three of four times a day. Sometimes in the winter I feel like I need to strip off my jeans in the middle of the day and moisturize. Certainly this is caused by dry heating, too many long hot showers, aging skin and not because I trained my skin at an early age from all that free Avon lotion.

I can’t be the only one who has hand lotion in my kitchen, office, purse, car and bedside table? I sometimes wonder about buyers of toiletries at hotels. They give you the same size bottles of shampoo, body wash, conditioner and lotion. The shampoo will last me three or four days, but the lotion is only a start on one half of my body. Granted my body may be bigger, or am I the only person lotioning everything? Just writing this is making feel the need to go slather my feet and dry legs right now.

I may be frugal in many areas except for lotion. As far as I am concerned it is one thing you can’t run out of for it will take you weeks to rehydrate if you go without for two days.

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