Good Day With Mom

Tomorrow is my Mom’s 81 birthday. If you know her send her a message. She is an amazing 81. She still paints most everyday. She plays bridge two times a week, but would like to play everyday. She loves to do laundry, but hates to clean out the dishwasher. She struggles with technology and still uses a comma as an apostrophe yet never as a comma when she texts me, but she can text.

During the refuge period when my parents came to stay with me I had a heart felt talk with my Mom about figuring out where she and my Dad might live next. She wasn’t happy with me but listened to what I had to say.

Today my Mom and I went to look at a place. It was a nice day together. We went first to lunch, where she generously paid, even though it is her birthday. Then we went on a tour of a lovely place. It was exciting to see someplace that we both thought was so nice. At the end of the tour my mother hugged the young woman showing us around.

We will go look at more places next week, but I am thrilled that my Mom is open to the idea of making this decision herself.

Getting old is not for sissies. None of us like it after the age of 25. I am thankful my parents are being proactive so they can be active!

One Comment on “Good Day With Mom”


    Dana, it’s very wise of your parents to look at possible places to live now, when they can make good decisions. Should the day come, it is a decision they made, instead of someone else making it for them. Sounds like you have some very nice places near Durham. Your mother looks great too! Happy 81st!! Ellen

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