Working Towards Intermittent Fasting

In my quest to go shopping in my own closets I am trying different things to see what works. What used to work for me has become ineffective as I have finished menopause and am in full blown old lady stage. Intermittent fasting is my test subject of the month. I know from past experience that real fasting can make my body think I am trying to stave myself and it goes into a kind of government shut down phase. That means I stay alive, but rather than use all the fat I have I slow down the less important bodily functions, like growing hair.

I am not interested in fasting of that type ever again. Intermittent fasting means you eat eight contiguous hours a day and don’t the other 16. I have not quite gotten to 8 yet, an am more like 10. Supposedly your body will go to your fat stores once you have finished digesting your previous meal three to five hours before. Of course it helps you lose weight it you are not eating 16 hours a day.

I can’t report on the success of this trial yet, but what I can say is it make having dinner with my husband hard. I am trying to be done eating by seven and Russ is hardly home by the . Tonight I made a steak, smashed roasted potatoes and roast broccolini for dinner. Thankfully Russ is a good sport about eating a reheated dinner.

This situation reminded me of my childhood. The children would eat first around six, with my mother sitting with us and my father was still at work. Around 7:30, my mother would break down and eat her dinner since my father was still not home from the city. He would roll in after eight. Have a drink and look at the twice reheated food in the kitchen and have another drink.

It was years before my mother found out that he had a private chef in the executive dining room that served breakfast, lunch and dinner at the office.

I hope to work my way to the eight hour eating window by tomorrow. Let’s see how grouchy I get. Of course I am already grouchy since I can’t fit in most of my clothes so maybe it won’t make any difference.

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