Everyday a Day Of Service

Today is Dr. Martin Luther King jr.’s birthday holiday. I remember when states fought about not wanting to commemorate this day as a national holiday. I lived in DC in 1986 the year the federal government made this a national holiday. Arizona rescinded the holiday which set off a big boycott of the state. It only caved when in 1992 because the scheduled super bowl was threatening to be pulled from Phoenix. South Carolina was the last state to make it a paid holiday for state workers in 2000.

Because of all this backlash about it the holiday many people who lived in states that observed it started taking the day as a “Day Of Service” to give back to their communities, in the spirit of Dr. King. It made those hold out states look even more petty.

What a great way to honor a great hero by doing good works in his name. My church had many opportunities to go do some good works, but I did not join them. Carter’s old school had volunteer opportunities, but I did not go. There were numerous activities offered all over the city and I did not go to any. I failed to honor the day the way it deserves.

I am going to do my best to be in service to others all year. When someone I know Is depressed I often suggest that they should do something for someone less to make themselves feel better. But you don’t have to just do things for the less fortunate to feel better. Doing anything for someone else is the best way to help yourself and our world.

Start small. Hold the door, carry someone’s bags, make soup and give some away, then you can work up to bigger things. But to really honor Dr. King, think and act towards others with kindness. Kindness is free, but it gives so much.

One Comment on “Everyday a Day Of Service”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    Made soup today. Gave half away. You my friend do way more than n your share!

    C Walker

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