Hom-A-Gen Farm

My grand father renamed the family farm Hom-A-Gen (said like Home Again) Farm when he retired there and moved back after living away from it for fifty seven years. It has been a very appropriate name since my I took my father back there today after twelve days in the hospital. He was never more happy to be home again.

Getting out of the hospital took three hours longer than the doctor predicted yesterday. I was sure we were not going to get out at ten and was fairly certain the doctor had no idea how long discharge really took. One thing we had to wait for was PT to come and check my Dad out. He had already proven his walking prowess. When he told the nice PT woman that he had steps up to his house she asked if he wanted to try the steps, he didn’t, but I did, so he tried. He passed that great too. The whole time he was sweet talking the PT so she passed him with flying colors.

The first thing he did when we got home was take a shower with his own good soap, soft towels and fresh razor to shave. He had lost so much weight from reduction of fluids, like 39 pounds worth, he looked like a new man.

After getting all his prescriptions filled and laying them out in an orderly manor I told my parents it was time for me to be done with this job and they agreed. I think my sister Margaret is coming for a couple days, but I am not sure how much there will be for her to do.

So it was time for me to go Home Again. Russ and Shay were here to greet me, but sadly Carter had gone Home Again to Boston, something she was looking forward too.

So here’s to a little peace and quiet and normal living. I missed Christmas and New Year, but I am happy I still have my Dad. I hope this is the end of this story line.

One Comment on “Hom-A-Gen Farm”

  1. Edith Harvey says:

    Dearest Dana, We have been following your Dad’s care and progress with the utmost gratitude and awe for the loving daughter you have been. He looks so well now and the Lord gave him you for such a time as this.Thank you for being so giving and loving and selfless. We will call him in a couple of days….Much love, Aunt Edie


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