Cooking Therapy

Today was my first day free at home since Christmas Eve. Although I came home at night to sleep, that was all I did. I did not cook, or clean or do anything fun, except for one night at the movies during the whole 12 days my Dad was in the hospital. I had cooke a big Christmas Eve dinner and my family enjoyed the leftovers for a while, then Carter took over cooking.

Today I realized that without my cooking every so often the supply of leftovers gets depleted. I knew it was time for me to get back in the kitchen. Russ had given me the latest Ottolenghi cookbook, Simple Ottolenghi. In my pledge to use what I have on hand first I found two recipes that I could make and adapt for what I had in the kitchen and the garden.

I made a butternut squash, onion and red lentil dish and lamb and feta meatballs. They were fantastic and yummy together and the only thing I bought was some ground lamb at Bulldega downtown.

Wearing my favorite yellow apron I happily chopped onions and grated garlic as lentils simmered on the stove. I used basil instead of mint because that is what I had. It was only two hours in the kitchen, but it was relaxing and therapeutic.

I know most people find cooking a chore, sometimes so do I, but not having a moment to cook for almost two weeks showed my how much I need to cook, and it is not about eating. It is the creativity and the sense of accomplishment. Also it helps when I make Russ something new and yummy for dinner. It was the least I could do for him after all the support he provided me during my Dad’s illness.

I appreciate regular life so much right now. Tomorrow I look forward to doing the laundry. Now that is regular.

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