Christmas Flexibility

I am not going to report on all the bad things going on since it is Christmas Eve, but I do request prayers. Not everything is bad though and I am doing my best to salvage Christmas, but the best visual representation of our Christmas is the state of our Gingerbread house.

In good Christmas Eve news we had our annual dinner with our Durham “family” the Toms. Thankfully that dinner went off without a hitch. We Sous vied a tenderloin and I am not sure I can ever cook it another way again. It only took two mostly non-supervised hours. We tested doing it in a different pot yesterday and discovered that today’s thinner bottom pot was not as good at keeping one temperature. Thankfully Russ and I adjusted and it all came out perfectly. I look forward to trying some tougher cuts of meat for longer cooking times and see what I come up with.

After dinner the Toms and us Langes went to church for the beautiful candle light service. With all that is going on in our world and the bigger world the comfort of the familiar Christmas story and the good news of Jesus’ birth was just the right note. The choir and the Brass ensemble brought joy to my heart. And having 90+ year old Davis Bingham sing a solo brought a tear to my eye. I just adore him.

After church the big bonus was getting to see our dearest Megan Ketch who is home with her new husband, Max! Megan has been a big part of our family since she was 18 and Carter was two. Megan introduced Max to Carter as her “first baby.” It is hard to believe that Carter is older than Megan was when she first became Carter’s nanny.

After church Russ, Carter and I opened the presents we got for each other because our Christmas Day plans have changed and we won’t have time in the morning. The good news is we have had a wonderful Christmas Eve and we are keeping our spirits up for the coming days.

We hope that Santa comes to your house and not with coals and switches. May the joy of the season bring you comfort and happiness.

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