Extra Expertise In The Kitchen

For years I did all the cooking for big holiday meals. Not that I minded. I love to entertain and don’t see making a special meal as a chore, but a gift to my friends and family. Carter did not help me when she was younger and I worried that she was not soaking in any culinary training.

Then about her senior year she started to cook to prepare for her semester in Berlin where she did not have a meal plan, but a kitchen. She discovered how much cooking was in her blood. She did well in Berlin and also found that friends like to hang with you if you make good meals together.

Thankfully she and her roommate Olivia got an apartment in the housing lottery this year so she did not have to be on any meal plan and continued her cooking training. She would text me photos of her meals complete with green vegetables which was a good sign for a college student.

Since we are hosting both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Carter volunteered to help with the cooking and now that I am know she is an accomplished cook I am confident to leave her to figure out her own dishes.

Today she made the cake portion of her Christmas Birthday cake from the very complicated Milk Bar cookbook. She set up her mis en place which was way more organized than I ever am when I bake. Afterward she even washed her equipment in an organized fashion.

After making she Sous vied our lamb chops we had for dinner as practice for the tenderloin we will Sous vie tomorrow night. Russ was just happy someone was using the Sous vie machine he bought me for Christmas five years ago and have only used twice. I have to say the lamb chops were perfect. I can’t wait to see how the tenderloin turns out.

So it is wonderful to have a partner in the kitchen. I am not sure I am ever getting out of cooking everything since I am not sure how long the cooking attention span will last, but so far, a little help is nice.

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