Love My Neighbors

One of our neighbors had a nice get together tonight just for our section of the street. They are our longest term neighbors, having lived in their house 29 years and we are the next longest having been here 25 years. For most of the time we have lived here we were not only “the new kids on the block,” but the kids. Everyone else was at least ten to forty years older than us and had lived here for ten to thirty years longer than us. We just never were going to catch-up.

Year after year everyone stayed right where they were. Once in a while one person might depart this earth, but they were not moving under any other circumstances. Then, practically overnight our street completely changed.

We got new neighbors. We got young neighbors. We got some neighbors our age. We got fun neighbors and generous neighbors. It has been great.

Except there is that one neighbor who shall remain nameless. The one who doesn’t know how to blow leaves. Instead of blowing his leaves into a pile in the back of his hose, he blows all his leaves off his property onto his neighbor’s property and even across the street to the front yards of other’s neighbors.

That’s not bad to only have one of those kinds of neighbors when all the rest are so good. So thanks to Peggy and John for hosting us tonight. I love living near people I like. Merry Christmas everyone, even the bad leaf blower.

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