The Shortest Day of The Year

If this day weren’t four days before Christmas it would be the worst day of the year. With the fewest hours of daylight it is hard to remain upbeat. Those Early Christians who picked this time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus knew what they were doing. “Let’s take the most depressing time of the year and bring in a lot of sparkle and celebration.” Of course this is only true in the Northern hemisphere. In the south Christmas is more like an embarrassment of riches.

I will refrain from writing about the political reasons why this was a bad day because it just won’t change the news and it’s almost Christmas and I want to forget about it. Instead I will concentrate on the good things.

Like the clock man who came to our house today to check out Russ’ clock and get it started for us. I would like to revel in the fact that a two hundred year old technology can still hold its own in our house today. Granted it is not going to play me the headlines like Alexa, but thank god I don’t have one more thing giving me the headlines. It also chimes to remind me that time is passing so make good use of it.

Then I went to play bridge at the urging of my wonderful partner who says I am a mere few points away from some bridge award for newbies. She wants me to get a few more points before the end of the year. Easier said than done when I have to play against a bunch of life masters. I played Monday and got points and today I had my best day ever and came in fourth out of 34 pairs. It may not do anything for our retirement account, but from a personal satisfaction point of view it was a high.

Also while we were playing bridge a huge beautiful rainbow appeared right outside the window I was looking out. Certainly a bonus on the day when we have such a small chance of sunlight. It may be the shortest day, but I feel like I made the most of it. And now the good news is everyday from now until June we get more light everyday. Things will be on the way up for a while!

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