Carter Wants To Work For You

Carter has been so bored with break. She is not used to having free time. Day before yesterday she told me she had a conference call. “A conference call?” She is doing some research for a non-profit in NYC that her godmother is involved with. When she got off the call I asked her what it was. She said it was volunteer work and she was thrilled to do it since she does not have enough to do.

Since she is this bored in a week it started to make her nervous about the summer. She has plans for a study abroad on the second half of the summer and a volunteer internship in mental health that is just a few hours a week. So now she is looking for work the rest of the time. She will be here at the end of April through mid July.

She is great with kids, a fabulous cooks and has a giant safe car to drive people. She can do office work, whatever you might need. If you have work, or know of someone who is looking for a short term worker let me know and I will put you in touch with Carter.

I am not looking for a job for her, just putting the word out for her so she can figure it out. I am surprised that she even asked me if I knew anyone who needed a worker. When I suggested I could publicize her through this blog I was a little surprised she even let me. I am just glad that she knows that it is better to be crazy busy than have nothing at all.

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