The Christmas Jinx

Two years ago I was sick as a dog on a Christmas. Russ and Carter went to the Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner alone and declared it the worst Christmas ever, except for the food.

Last year we came home from Germany to celebrate Christmas alone because my whole family went to Florida and had an absolutely terrible time. It was a toss up as to who had the worst Christmas, but Carter declares it was another horrible Christmas.

Due to these two in a row failures for Christmas the only thing Carter wanted for Christmas was to have our whole family together for the holiday. It was looking good. My sisters we coming with their significant others and my parents. Carter planned the menu and baked a killer, but very complicated cake.

Then last week my father who has been really sick told my sister Margaret that she and her boy friend couldn’t come for Christmas because he did not feel up to it. So Carter’s Christmas wish started to unravel, but my sister Janet and Sophie we’re still coming with my parents.

But my father’s condition really started to deteriorate. So it was just going to be Janet, Sophie and my Mom. Last night in the middle of the Christmas Eve service I got a text on my watch, my Dad was doing too badly to be left alone so we were to come to the farm for Christmas. Still together, just not at our house. I packed up the dinner and the cake and all the gifts.

Half way to the farm we got the call that my Dad had to go to the hospital. The volunteer paramedics, all 13 of them in five different trucks, arrived at the farm just as we were getting there. So Janet, who had been up all night taking care of my Dad, and I went off to the Danville Hospital with him.

After a few hours of excellent care by people who had to work on Christmas, my father’s Dr. Lawrence Crawford called from his Christmas skiing vacation and said they got him a bed at Duke and another ambulance was going to move him.

So I left one hospital for another where I spent the last hours of Christmas getting him settled and hopefully able to sleep. I came home to see Russ and Carter for the last few minutes of Christmas. Definitely not the one Carter was wishing for.

I declare this is the actual worst christmas for us. Those others pale in comparison. So tonight as I am home to rest a few hours before going back to Duke as the primary family caregiver and one who is keeping him in the hospital. I am giving thanks for all the kind health care professionals who are helping my Dad. I mostly pray that he follows orders and is able to sleep since he has not had a decent night’s sleep in two months of sickness.

I am thankful for Russ and Carter who keep everything else together for me. And my dear sisters who have been sharing this care with me. I pray that everyone had a better Christmas than us because no one needs this on any day, especially Christmas.

2 Comments on “The Christmas Jinx”

  1. Lloydette Hoof says:

    Blessings to you and your family. I hope your father gets some blissful sleep and recovers his health. I know he is thankful for you.

  2. Kathryn White says:

    Dana, I am sorry to hear your Dad is still ill. Praying for a speedy recovery,

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