Another Fabulous Day on Wall Street

Stupid tariffs, potential government shut down over a wall, blaming the fed for what’s wrong with the American economy, no one with a brain will work for this guy and the stock market, the stock market, the stock market. When are people going to admit that electing someone without experience, or a brain, was not the best idea. Granted many of the people who voted him in don’t have any stocks, but they also might have worked at Chevy. His line that he is making people rich can’t be spewed anymore and his lack of smarts is going to be costing us all for a long time to come.

To all the republicans who have brains, your standing on the sidelines letting him get away with this mess is squarely at your feet. Your fear of not standing up to this idiot because of how he might call you out won’t make a bit of difference. You have let this country get in this mess and now we have a ridiculous deficit with no way out.

Electing a man who has declared bankruptcy multiple times and letting him hold the purse strings is the definition of idiotic. Who is surprised?

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