Russ’ Birthday, Christmas and Maybe Even Father’s Day

All our marriage Russ has wanted a tall case clock. It never seemed to be a priority when we had tuition or mortgage payments. We would look at clocks in museums and discuss what features he liked. I have to say that most of them were not to my taste.

My grandparents had a tall case clock in their hallway at the farm. I can remember my grandfather winding it, but I was forbidden from touching it. I did like the chime that rang on the hour, but the face was not that pretty.

Old Clocks, like all antiques, have been coming down in prices as young people shun old things and things in general. This fall when I was in Maine my friend Warren took me to see a clock that had not met the minimum at an auction a dealer friend of his ran. The family who was selling it had paid a huge amount for it years ago, but now would be happy to get a fifth of what they paid.

So I decided it was time to give Russ the clock he always wanted. I like this Scottish Tall case clock with a face painted with famous Scottish authors. The case was particularly nice and the works had been maintained by a clock man in Camden.

From the time I saw the clock in September it took until now to get it since it had to be delivered. Russ and I set it up in the dining room where it would never get any direct sun on it. I called a local clock man to come and put the pendulum and weights on it and check that it is OK. He had to cancel his first appointment, so now we are waiting until Friday.

Hopefully it will all be in good working order as it was when I saw it in Maine. I realize that having this clock is another thing to take care of since it needs winding at exact weekly intervals. This job will fall to Russ, since it is his clock. I just don’t want time to stand still in our house, so I will keep an eye on it too.

It’s nice to preserve something analog in our digital world, especially something that has been around for so long, kind of like me and Russ.

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