Working Both Sides Of My Brain

I love solving puzzles. Word puzzles, math, logic and jig saw puzzles. Part of me feels guilty like working a puzzle is a frivolous activity. I usually limit my jig-saw activity to a couple of times a year.

This year my Needlepoint group gave me a New Yorker dog cover puzzle. I held off about a week before the temptation got to me and I broke open the box. I had to wait until after Mah Jongg since I use the same table for both activities. This also meant that I could not drag out working on this puzzle since I will need my table again on Wednesday for Mah Jongg.

So today between needlepointing the place cards I auctioned off at Garden Club I worked on my dog puzzle. Did I do anything else productive today? No. No laundry, no cooking, no cleaning. Oh, I wrapped ONE Christmas present.

Then in my guilt I looked up if there are any benefits to working a puzzle. I was thrilled to learn that there are many studies that show working a puzzle works both sides of your brain unlike other activities. It makes you have a longer life span, lessens the changes of getting Alzheimer’s, memory loss, dementia and other old age problems.

So today I was not wasting time, I was lengthening my life and exercising. I feel younger and smarter already. Tomorrow, I will tackle the hardest parts, the all white and green bits. I will practically be a teenager by the time I finish this puzzle.

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