Friend Christmas

One of the best things about friends is that we can celebrate almost anything with each other. It’s not just Birthdays, but friends are extra good at not letting one pass by. If your child has a good win, your close friends will celebrate that, if you overcome a difficult family situation, your friends will celebrate that too. Christmas is no exception.

Today, two of my dear friends, Christy and Mary Lloyd and I had our friend Christmas. We decided to forego a different celebration that included too many people who make me cranky to do our own thing. At this point in life I no longer put up with people I just don’t really love and as for people who I really don’t like, well don’t get me started on them.

Since Carter is home she got included in the friend Christmas, which goes to show what good friends Mary Lloyd and Christy are. We went to the Carolina Inn where Christmas is celebrated in every corner. Sadly the gingerbread houses were not part of their decor this year. The only good part about that is I did not feel the desire to try and create and huge Gingerbread extravaganza after seeing one that professionals made.

To prove we are good friends, we all showed up in various forms of black and white, three of us in hounds tooth! It was just nice to have a good lunch, enjoy each other’s company and exchange gifts. It is the low key part of Christmas where no one is fighting, everyone is appreciative and there is no baggage from Christmases past. Friend Christmas could really be enough for me!

To my other friends around the world, I wish I could have friend Christmas with you too. I hope you have someone nearby who you can do a low key celebration with, without drama or tears!

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