The Joy of A Twenty Year Old

Carter came home last night from college. She brought a huge suitcase of things she wanted to leave at home that she didn’t need in her small dorm apartment. She said living in a small space has made her look at belongings differently. She realizes there are only certain things she needs and having a non-cluttered space brings more joy than the stuff.

This morning she woke up and began cleaning out her room including her closets. This practically brought a tear to my eye. When I got home from college I am certain I slept for the first two or three days and did nothing productive at all.

Right now Carter has three large trash bags of clothes to donate and an untold amount of trash that has gone to the bin. This industriousness is a most welcome surprise.

When she took a break from cleaning she went to the grocery for me and now she is cooking us dinner. We are not talking some unhealthy college dinner, but lemon chicken and broccoli. I know Russ is sad he is missing her first dinner home since he is in LA, but he is not missing broccoli. So having it tonight was a great plan on Carter’s part.

On the difference of having a twenty year old come home. It makes my heart happy. I can really get used to having a live-in maid and cook. Do you think I am getting ahead of myself?

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