Twelve Day Count Down

We have an extra week in the Christmas season this year since Thanksgiving was so early. That meant my house was decorated and ready to go leaving me plenty of time to do all the other Christmas stuff.

I had my Needlepoint Christmas lunch and my Garden Club Christmas Lunch and Auction. Those take up ten days on their own. Now that they are successfully in the rear view mirror it’s time to think about the big event. Suddenly I feel like a I am behind on Christmas.

Even though I think I have all the presents I am going to give I had not wrapped a single one until today. I have had these presents for ages. I could have done this in October, but somehow the wrapping waits until the last minute.

So I wrapped the presents that had to be mailed and got them off to day, but I am already tired of wrapping. I like my presents to look good, but take little joy in wrapping. Then it dawned on me, Carter Lange is the answer for all the presents that are not for her.

She is a great wrapper and now she is available for hire if you need wrapping help. Just send me a message and I’ll connect you. She is a very useful elf.

Now to menu planning for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. These twelve days go fast for us adults and slow as can be for little ones.

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