A Very Good Day

So as not to bury the lead, I am happy to say that my Dad is on the mend. He proved every doctor wrong and his numbers are great. Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes. One Doctor who can’t explain how he healed says it was an act of God. All I can say is “yeah, God.”

In other good things that happened today, we held our Garden Club Christmas Auction and lunch. There had been lots of discussion about whether is should take place with the bad weather, but considering it is a neighborhood garden club I couldn’t see a reason for it not to happen. We pushed back the start time by an hour so the black ice could melt. Everyone was a good sport about going around in stocking feet and leaving their boots at the front door.

Starting late meant that everyone was hungry as the auction was taking place so it went fast, but not at the expense of people bidding high. Given the number of items we had I think it was a record for most spent per item. Even better there were no dogs in this auction so I did not have to come up with creative things to say about things. Not like the year we had an old turtleneck that smelled of smoke.

We had a full house with members and their guests who bid wildly. My co-hostesses, Lucy, Theky, Carolyn and Kay were a dream team. They worked the kitchen while I auctioned and the second the last item was bid on the dining room was open. A special shout out to Al, Lucy’s husband, who shoveled my walkway after the second snow. And to Kathi, who stayed until the bitter end with the hostesses and cleaned the whole thing up.

After a little rest I was off to downtown to ABC-11 where I appeared on TV for the food Bank Food Drive. The goal was to get those phones ringing with donors and we did. The Anchor Amber and I wore crazy holiday headbands until all the phones were ringing. Thanks to all the donors it only took a minute.

Then I was off to the airport to pick up Carter. Talk about icing on the cake. While I was waiting for her Michelle Berrey walked out of security and it was fun to catch up with her. She took a photo of Carter and me together, but I have been forbidden on posting a post exams travel photo.

Even without the photo you can imagine how happy I was to have her home. All in all, I must say, it was a very good day.

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