Thanks to You Friends

It has been a crazy week here. My dad’s been sick and with fingers crossed is on the mend. I’ve had this chest congestion that just won’t go away and now it seems like everyone I know also has it. Carter is having exams and had 2 in-class and one take-home on her birthday which really stinks. And now we are waiting for snow-ma-getan here tonight. This is not what I am looking for.

At least last night I had a lovely surprise from my sweet friend Stacey. We had a party to go to up at the club and Stacey, who has a beautiful flower business called Fig Tree Designs, made flower cuffs for all the ladies at our table. It was just a great surprise to sit down and be handed a corsage box with the darling blue flower cuff.

She had no idea how much that little treat made my night after the week I have had. Friends make such a huge difference in our lives. Like this morning when my Dad’s nebulizer was not working Mary Lloyd ran her’s over to me so I could take it to him at the farm. Thankfully he got a new one at the local pharmacy so her trip was for naught, but she acted like it was not a problem just the same.

Thanks to my friends who keep me sane and listen to my stories about the drama going on around me. Friends who laugh with me at the crazy because only friends would believe how crazy things are. You friends know who you are and I appreciate each and everyone of you.

One Comment on “Thanks to You Friends”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    you are a great friend so it is no surprise your friends are great to you!!!

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