Russ Honorary Hope Valley Garden Club Member Today

Today has been a big snow day here in Hope Valley. We awoke to eight inches of snow on the cars. Thankfully as the precipitation continued through the day we kept our power. By afternoon the snow had turned to rain and right now it is 33° and holding.

Tuesday is my Garden Club Christmas Auction and lunch held at my house this year. I have been getting ready for the last few days so from my point of view we are having it. Russ jumped in today to help with some critical tasks.

First, he shoveled the walkways so that any solar power we get from the sun can work on keeping them ice free. It was still raining as he shoveled so he gets extra points for doing that job in the pouring rain.

Second, he is juicing the limes for me since I am making Chili lime glazed salmon for lunch. It was a recipe I developed for a long ago Garden Club Christmas and it was a hit, so we are reprieving it. With my allergy to citrus the only way I can make it is if Russ touches the limes for me. He multi-tasked with texting a co-worker, while listening to a podcast, while juicing the limes.

Third, he cut the slots in the birch rounds I needed for my auction item. This involved finding which of the many power tools his father has given him over the years and setting up a jig to do it right. I am thankful for those craftsman tools at times like this.

Every member of the club has to bring an item to auction. Homemade stuff goes well. Some people bake or cook so the hungrier the crowd is the more they pay for a chocolate pie. The longer the auction takes the faster they bid on a bourbon cake. My item this year is up to 12 personalized place cards that I will needlepoint for the winner with the names of their family members. The winner gets to pick the font, color and if they want sparkle or matte. It is the perfect gift for a difficult mother-in-law. They can be used at every gathering and you will forever get credit for the perfect place cards.

Thanks to Russ for doing so much work today. Sadly he has to go to the airport at four in the morning so I am praying for safe travels for him. Of course he would never be home during the Garden Club Auction, but just for this one day I hope he can be an honorary member.

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