One Score For Carter

Twenty years seems like a long time. How could Carter be twenty years old today? It seems like yesterday that Russ was on the payphone at Durham Regional with my mother trying to explain what an epidural is while I was being wheeled down the hall naked to the operating room so we could meet Carter. It certainly is a day that will live in infamy as far as my scaring those visitors to labor and delivery. In terms of getting to meet Carter it is a day of honor in our family.

Carter came out the way she was going to be. Lots of medical fuss, but healthy and wonderful in actuality. It has been a joy to be Carter’s mother, most of the time.

From the time she first discovered she loved horses more than humans.

Or that breaking, spraining or twisting something was going to be a regular thing.

To the joy of being on a team, and realizing your most important job was to be the team psychologist.

Your love of discovering the world on your own took you many places and to a new understanding of self.

And best of all in your twenty years you have learned what you can do for yourself, but still come home to us once in a while.

Happy birthday Carter. We love you more every year. Shay is waiting for you.

One Comment on “One Score For Carter”

  1. Stori Cadigan says:

    happy Birthday Carter!!!!!!

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