Godspeed President George H.W. Bush

As I watched the Houston funeral for President George H.W. Bush all I could think about was my friend Doro, his daughter. I first got to know Doro when she married Bobby Koch. Bobby’s older brother Danny was one of my favorite people and he was married to my dear friend Trisha who was one of my bridesmaids. When I lived in DC I spent lots of time with them and was lucky to get to meet Presidents and Mrs. Bush.

Listening to each eulogy I recognized so many of the wonderful traits that the President has in Doro. She is kind, polite, and humble. If she can help, she does and without fan fare. She so embodies the “be a good person” spirit her father did.

I remember when Carter was a little girl and we were visiting the Koch’s. She was swimming with Trisha’s and Doro’s younger kids. At one point Carter jumped off the diving board and landed right on Max, one of President Bush’s grandsons. Russ was worried that a secret service agent might jump out of the shrubs and take Carter away, but there was none of that. No secret service. Just regular kids and Doro said that Max could hold his own.

When Danny Koch got cancer Tricia told me how the President and Mrs. Bush helped him get into treatment at MD Anderson in Texas. He spent years being treated there before succumbing to it, but all that time The President and First Lady would host his family, or take their kids to baseball games and visit Danny in the hospital which always made the staff take extra good care of him. They treated the Koch family like their own family, even though they were Doro’s in-laws. Kindness and generosity of spirit were their hallmarks.

So the country is a sadder place without 41. He was just a stand up guy, but thankfully I know that his way of treating everyone like they were the most important person in the room is carried on by Doro. So Godspeed Mr. President. Wish we had more like you.

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