Before The Results Come In

I got a text from a friend today, “BTW, I’m having Election Day PTSD.” She took the words right out of my mouth. I spent the day as busy as I could possibly be just so I could not think about the gravity of the day. I am not alone since the turn out of voters has been record setting.

I woke up extra early, even though I could have slept in. Oh, how I wish Day light savings time had happened earlier so that I was not waking early on this day. I would do anything to make this day fly by, but it hasn’t. Since our water refugee was here I tried to move quietly around the house.

I spent most of the day on my feet cooking and cleaning. Adam, the refugee, provided a good diversion since we had talks about his school, roommate and future jobs. By this afternoon I was exhausted from standing most of the day so I went to my sweat shop and worked on some Christmas items.

Then my friends started coming by to pick up with election night chicken. This was the best way to keep my mind off the coming news. It is Nancy’s birthday today so I got lucky and had an extra long visit with her. Shay thinks everyone comes by the house to see her and not for the chicken.

So now the polls have just closed. I don’t want to look at the news because I am not sure I can handle it. Usually I am so happy on election night just because the political ads are over. Who the winners and losers are is secondary. Not today. I am hoping that as a country we can find civility, compromise, kindness and honesty. We are all Americans. We should not be each other’s enemies. So I am cautiously hopeful in these moments before I know the answer.

No matter who wins or loses I hope we can not gloat or boast tomorrow. No matter what happens some will be thrilled and others will be crushed. We all need hugs.

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