No Water Refugee

The big news around here today is that the Chapel Hill water company had another water main break right in front of the water treatment plant. It meant that Chapel Hill and Carboro were on boil water restrictions and the water pressure is basically non-existent. Both towns were told to use as little water as possible, if they had any at all. This is getting to be a regular thing in Chapel Hill since they had a previous water emergency in February 2017.

I didn’t think about all my Chapel Hill friends not having water so if anyone needs a shower or a place to stay, come on over. My friend Kelly from Atlanta called me this afternoon and asked if her son Adam, a UNC student, could come and stay and have access to a bathroom with water. Of course, the answer was yes. Adam knows our house is his house.

After not having power for four days last month I feel like it is my responsibility to take in refugees. It is just a pain in the neck, as well as yucky, not to have water.

I am going to be home cooking red wine vinegar chicken tomorrow morning so if the water is still out and you want to come shower and get some food, come on over.

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