Russ’ You Tube Finds

Russ has a huge list of things he studies, reads, watches and listens too. His curiosity is limitless as well as his ability to listen to things in his sleep. When Russ started using the walking desk, to get in the 15,000 steps a day he gets, he expanded his You Tube viewing to watch people sailing around the world, wood workers who make their own tools and cooks of all kinds. One of his favorite You Tubers is a French self taught cook named Alex. The name of his channel is Alex French guy cooking. Russ usually keeps all this knowledge to himself since he knows I am busy making my own things and don’t have time to watch other makers.

Yesterday Russ saw Alex cook something that he wanted to eat so badly that he showed me Alex’s posting. It was for a pasta dish that neither Russ, nor I were familiar with, Cacio e Pepe. It is a three ingredient dish made with pasta, pepper and Pecorino Romano cheese. The amazing thing about it is that it looks like a dish made with some kind of cream, butter or sauce, but it isn’t. The secret is using the starchy hot pasta water and mix it with the cheese to make a sauce.

Alex has two different You Tube episodes teaching you how to cook this dish. I have linked the one I used here. Alex French Guy cooking cacio e Pepe . While you are watching you might want to look at both versions.

It was incredibly easy and more delicious than any pasta I have had in a long time. Granted we try and not eat much pasta these days, but this one has less guilt since it is just pasta and cheese. I will say that toasting my peppercorns in a fry pan before crushing them in the mortar and Pestle did give them better depth of flavor. But my pepper corns were not the special ones Alex bought at his Parisian pepper store! Only the French have a pepper only store, and no wonder I love Paris.

As much as I love this guy Alex I am going to have to hold off watching him much because from the looks of his You Tube list he makes lots of fattening food. Of course he himself is thin, but he is French.

One Comment on “Russ’ You Tube Finds”

  1. Carol Walker says:

    LOVE this guy. I am hooked! Going to order his cook book.
    Good luck with your pine cones.


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