Making Christmas Takes A While

It’s November so I can officially begin to blog about Christmas decorations. I’m not putting decorations up, that must wait until after thanksgiving. I am working on making my new Christmas decoration of the year.

Yes, I make needlepoint ornaments all year. This year I also made some Christmas placemats in August, but those are a gift. I make one new big thing to decorate my house with every year. It gets harder and harder to find a place to put a new big thing.

Last year, since we were away in Germany before Christmas, I did not put up my giant tree. Instead I put my village under glass in the spot where my tree goes. I liked it there, but am going to have to move it this year since my house was designed around putting my tree in that spot. Said another way, it is the only place my 14 foot tree will fit. So finding a new home for my expanded glass village and a place for a new decoration meant I needed to keep the new decoration something small.

For the last two years I have been collecting pine cones for some kind of Christmas project. I have giant ones that I picked up off the side of the road in Southern Pines as well as medium ones from my neighborhood. Now that these pinecones have sufficiently dried In my garage for a year and a half I am ready to try my new idea. White dipped pine cone wreath.

I went to Home Depot and bought a gallon of high gloss paint. I set up a place in the driveway to hang the pinecones to dry. As I started dipping the giant pinecones I noticed that each one ate up about a tenth of a gallon of paint. I may have gotten the pinecones for free, but the paint is going to be a fortune.

I was able to dip eight pinecones before my hanging apparatus was about to give way with the weight. I decided that was enough for one day. I also realized that these things are not going to dry that quickly so I am leaving them out overnight. In order to keep the deer from running into them I parked a car behind the set up. Thankfully there are no bugs to get stuck on them.

I pray they will be dry by morning so I can dip another round. Hopefully my idea will work and not make a wreath that weighs too much to be hung. This project has a long way to go, see there is a reason I have to start in November.

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