Double Prebles For Me

Late in the summer I was asked if I would be a confirmand mentor for a young person at church. I agreed without knowing who I would be mentoring. Then I didn’t hear anything. Turns out the correspondence about it was all going in my junk mail. Since when does the algorithm think church stuff is junk?

I was very excited to find out late that Allison Preble is my mentee this year. Her brother Jack had been my mentee two years ago and I throughly enjoyed spending time with him.

To make up for my late start in my roll I picked Allison up at school and took her for yogurt. Seemed like it was a good day to talk since she had just learned that one of her classmates was sick and was going to missing the rest of the school year. Thankfully the prognosis is positive, but it was still good to talk about the process.

When a I returned Allison home the whole family was out in the driveway. Jack is turning 16 this weekend and his dad is taking him and two friends fly fishing for the weekend. Jack told me that if I google him the first thing that comes up is a picture from my blog at his confirmation and he says his hair was doing something funny that day.

So I am remedying that situation by posting this picture of both my confirmand mentees together, Allison and Jack Preble. I feel very honored to get to walk this walk with them.

Happy birthday to Jack. And to Allison, I hope you enjoy the process. As for their little brother Wright, I hope I am still with it enough to be your mentor too in seven or eight years.

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