The Winning Nun

I think this is my first selfie with a nun, a non-profit founder and a retired West Point grad.

It all makes sense when I explain I was at the Hunt -Mortgridge awards at the Food Bank Night of Appreciation. Ed Carney and Barbara Oats and I made up the team who nominated the award winner. It is an awesome job to get to consider all the generous souls who help feed hungry people in central and Eastern North Carolina and pick one to thank in this big way.

This year we chose Sister Mary Ann, a nun who runs the Tarboro Community Outreach Center, where they have a soup kitchen a homeless shelter and a food pantry. Sister Mary Ann had been on the board of the Food Bank years ago, while simultaneously running her own non-profit, which she has been running for close to thirty years.

Picking her to be the winner was much easier than getting in touch with her to let her know she was the winner. In my job as the chair of the Round Table for the Food Bank I got to call sister Mary Ann. She is one busy nun. I had to call her organization dozens of times before I was allowed to talk with her. The people who volunteer and work at the Outreach center protect her vigilantly while she is doing God’s work. Since I was an unknown to them it was unimportant to talk with me, even though I told them I only needed a couple of minutes to give sister Mary Ann some good news. You might have thought I was a Jehovah Witness, or a copier paper salesman calling.

Anyway, sister Mary Ann was a real hoot in person. She wasn’t one for making long speeches when she received the award, but she did have the whole audience pray out loud about the good of feeding people.

Going over to the Food Bank in Raleigh always makes me feel better about the world and the good people in it who take care of those who need help. Tonight was no exception. It was not political, just loving and caring. I wish everyone could get a dose of Sister Mary Ann.

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