Trick or Treat

Russ is in LA and Carter is in Boston so I decided I would take Shay to our neighborhood Halloween Parade since it happens right at our house. This parade started 18 years ago and remember so well taking Carter the first year in her stroller dressed in her dragon fly costume that I sewed for her.

That first year of the parade it was only about thirty kids and their parents. Mostly our friends the Elams and the DeBerrys who organized it. Each year the parade grew bigger. And every year I would make Carter a costume. My favorite was the year she was a garden. Then about first or second grade she put her foot down and said she wanted to be Ariel with a slinky green sequins dress and long red wig. My days as costumer were over.

So with no child to dress up and a giant parade right out my door I got Shay’s jockey costume out and put it on her. Thanks to her girlish figure it fits year after year. As we walked down our walkway I noticed many cars parked in my driveway. My friend Helen had emailed days ago asking if she could park here with her grandkids, but I noticed three cars parked behind her blocking her in.

Our neighborhood has had a big influx of new young families so this parade was going to be huge. I am certain I would not know one kid in it. Shay and I got to the street and she saw two little girls dressed up in their princess costumes. She froze. I pulled on her leash to get her to go a little further, nothing. Shay started to pull back towards the house.

Then another princess came up and asked if she could pet Shay’s costume. Interesting request, but not out of the norm for a three year old. Shay obliged, but did not want to go any closer to the throngs of firemen, dancers and multitude of princesses.

So we went home. No parade for us. So far we have had one trick or treater. I am praying for a crowd to come and take this candy, but with St. Marks, the street behind us, closed off to traffic I expect everyone is trick or treating over there and I will have bought this candy in vain. Come by if you need a chocolate fix.

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