No More Political Ads

It’s one week before Election Day. Day to day politics are bad, but election season is a special kind of hell. Everywhere I turn are the worst kind of ads for politicians. The ones I hate the most are the ones that say what someone’s opponent will do if they are elected. No one should be allowed to say what someone else will do. They just don’t know that.

My Election Day happened more than a week ago when Russ and voted early. Since my decisions have been cast in bubble ink I feel like I should be spared having to listen to any political ads.

I think we could greatly increase voter turn out if there were a technological way to turn off all political ads once you have voted. I am not saying you get a free pass from all advertising, but once your have checked in and voted you could get a special code that you enter into your cable box. Then when there is an ad you just get regular erectile dysfunction, or GEICO ads, just like non-election season. If you haven’t voted you still get nothing but swill from politicians talking smack. I can’t think of a better way to encourage all citizens to partake in their constitutional duty and vote.

One thing I do know is that even come a week from now when the mid terms are over, many politicians are not going to be acting any better, but at least they won’t have the money to run ads and show us how badly they are behaving.

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