Bridge Halloween

Today was the Halloween bridge party at duplicate today. Since my partner Deanna has missed so many Fridays playing with me she asked me to play this game with her. It was a costume bridge game, but she told me I did not have to dress up.

Since I got home late last night I had no time to think about a costume, but I hate to go to Halloween parties not dressed up. I thought for a minute what “bridge” themed costume I could whip up in a minute, then it came to me.

I pulled up a photo of our current President. I drew a red circle with a slash through it over his face. I pasted that photo to a piece of card board and cut out a number 7 and taped it to the corner. I hung this thing around my neck.

What was I? I was a seven no trump bid. The best bid in all of bridge.

Some people got it. Some people got it and loved it. If anyone was a Trump lover they didn’t say anything, but my retort was ready. It wasn’t a political statement but a bridge pun.

Sadly, this is such an “inside baseball” costume I can’t use it for any regular Halloween parties, but I do think it is a good one.

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