Worst Seat In The House

After a family filled two days where Russ and I spent time with all our parents and siblings on both sides as well as cousins and an Aunt and an Uncle we got to spend a little alone time together. We left Buck Hill Falls after driving around and looking at all the beautiful old “cottages.” It is so quaint to call mansions cottages. It should have been peak leaf peeping time, but we only saw one really spectacular tree.

We made our way to Philly to spend time at the art museum. Since we have gone to the Whitney, Moma, Chicago Art Institute and the Frist In Nashville in the last few months we are becoming museum connoisseurs. We had been to the Philadelphia Museum of Art plenty in the past, but as far as I am concerned you can never have enough Art.

TheWorst Seat In The House special exhibit was one on fashion. The museum has over 30,000 pieces in its fashion collection. That’s one big closet. Imagine trying to keep the moths out of all those dresses. The exhibit had some glorious dresses mostly from the 1950’s to the early 2000’s. The one constant is the mannequins were all equally skinny with pencil like legs and young boy like chests.

Russ and I made our way to the nice restaurant in the basement of the museum. We have learned that most museums run good restaurants. Even though it was 1:45 we had to wait thirty minutes for a table. While we were waiting I went to the ladies room. It had one of the best exhibits in the museum. That of three toilets in a row out in the open. One side of the ladies room had regular stalls and the other side had one stall with the three open air potties attached. Since it had a black stanchion in front of them I took it to be an exhibit. The “plein air potties” are probably the worst seats in the house. Actually the one furthest from the toilet paper is the worst.

We finally had lunch and continued on our tour of the museum. Now at the airport I am praying we don’t have any issues getting home like we did getting here. I am looking forward to being home and enjoying my own bed and Shay. It was a great weekend, but packed with lots of visiting.

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